With or Without an Anchor?

boat and anchor

We all need an anchor! We need something greater than our selves to steady us when the waves of life take us through uncharted waters, or worse yet, down right attempt to sink us! All humanity has one thing in common – at some point we realize we were made for something greater and fill that yearning with something. Generally, the argument of “religion” surfaces at this point. I find that most aspects of religion, regardless of which, although some more than others (another discussion in and of itself) require something of the person. In those moments we don’t need another thing to “do.” To clarify, I am not advocating religion, as we know it, but nor am I disqualifying the God I serve.

Last week, I met a woman veteran who was a commissioned officer in the Army and worked in a specialty that mostly consisted of men. She has a story, everybody has a story, but as I listened to her, it seemed she had filled that yearning with something to do – helping veterans. You might ask, what’s wrong with that?  When she transitioned into the civilian world she came up against what I also ran into – culture shock – not from going in the military rather from getting out. Her thought is the transition into the “civilian” world from a combative mindset, not just literal, is no different from a person who has gone through a divorce, abortion or anything traumatic. She finds parallels in all these stories. And as a result, were asking the wrong questions. I find that point very thought-provoking! And this is why I blog. I am provoked by thoughts! Greatly provoked!

What questions are you asking when you find yourself in the dark night of your soul without an anchor?

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